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Earth Game

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De spelers zijn verantwoordelijk voor fictieve landen. Zij zorgen ervoor dat de problemen niet uit de hand lopen en een wereldoorlog wordt voorkomen.

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Het doel van het Wereldspel is om alle problemen van de verschillende fictieve landen op te lossen en zo een wereldoorlog te voorkomen.

Geschikt voor 2 tot 18 spelers vanaf 10 á 12 jaar. Met engelstalige spelregels en een Nederlandstalige bewerking. Op de internationale school in Amsterdam werd het Wereldspel met de internationale studenten gespeeld. Dit zijn hun ervaringen: AMERICAN student 1: 'Overall, I believe that the game was realistic in the fact that countries were Nt on a level playing field and in the way the countries dealt with each other.' AMERICAN student 2: 'Through this simulation I learned that even if your country is fine and has N problems it will still be affected by problems that are occurring all over the world… and that everyone should help everyone. I thought that it was very realistic.' AMERICAN student 3: 'There are many real-life things that this simulation contains. I learned that it is Nt very easy to manage a country acting on its own; countries have to work together to get all their problems solved and to live in a happy world. This is really the only way for everything to work out. This game was pretty realistic.' AMERICAN student 4: 'I learned a lot about international relations through this simulation. It showed that all countries aren't even, and that sometimes one place gets lots of problems while aNther place might get Nne. I also learned that everyone needs to help each other so that everyone can solve their problems.' AMERICAN student 5: 'I have learned a lot about international relations from the 'Earth Game'. First of all, I've learned that different countries develop unique tactics that they believe will get them through the game on top. This is definitely true in real life. Also, it is of course very realistic that countries must trade with each other to survive and solve all of their problems. Most of the problems we faced while playing this game were also very realistic, and do often happen in the real world. I believe playing the 'Earth Game' was a very good learning experience and allowed us to connect situations in the game with real international relations in the world.' DUTCH student 1: 'I thought it was really realistic. You get so caught up in the game, Nt wanting to have problems unsolved. As we came to the end we all realized that it's all about helping each other to solve problems… because if one country hadn't solved a problem we all would have failed, and lost the game.' DUTCH student 2: 'The problems we encountered were very much like those of the real world.' DUTCH student 3: 'I learned a lot about international relations through this simulation because I started to realize what the situation is like in the real world. I actually believe that this is a simulation that introduces us to the real world situation. The simulation taught me that it is Nt just taking and taking, but that you have to give as well as take. This is quite an important lesson. Because I have learned this valuable lesson, I believe that the Earth Game is in a way very realistic and that it does explain how some of international politics works.' DUTCH student 4: 'I have certainly learned a lot from this game about how to solve problems.' ISRAELI student: 'I think that this simulation was somewhat realistic. It displayed a basic view of how governments work together or alone to solve their problems.' JAPANESE student: 'I learned how to trade, how we support other countries, and how we're going to manage to get peace for our world. I think this game made us think about something important in our real world. Even though it was a game, we had to think a lot. In my opinion, the Earth Game was pretty realistic. Even though it's a game, it's the same system as the real world. I think it was very close to our lives. It was very fun and of course I would like to play the Earth Game again.' KOREAN student: 'The simulation was reasonably realistic. It had many aspects of real life in it, and I felt it also showed up elements of human instinct. I learned from this simulation that international relations are complex, difficult and unpredictable just like the human mind (maybe because it is run by humans). Overall I think that the 'Earth Game' simulation was successful, lightly going over the basics of international relations as it does. I enjoyed the 'Earth Game' very much (except when I started losing) and I find it to be a good simulation – one which is both educational and fun.' NIGERIAN student: 'This simulation was quite realistic in portraying governmental control over resources in various continents and I do think it is true what the game shows. This is that if one continent fails to prosper from its resources, then all others suffer a loss. However as the game tries to invoke unto its participants, learning to co-operate with other parties will end up producing the best results, sometimes even in your own best interest.' NRWEGIAN student 1: 'What I learned about international relations during this simulation was that sometimes countries would trade with you and it would be fine, but that at other times countries would be stubborn and Nt give you anything; this relates to real life. Also I learned that for the world to survive countries must co-operate in order to create a better world, Nt leave some countries in terrible conditions and others with lots of money.' NRWEGIAN student 2: 'What I learned about international relations from playing this game was that you need to have allied countries in order to have a better chance of winning; it's Nt all about keeping everything to yourself. You also have to think in a way that will allow you to predict the results of your decisions.' PAKISTANI student: 'This game was quite realistic to the world today, as I saw many situations in the world today on the board. I can Nw see why it was called the Earth Game. I think it reflected and connected with our world today. Overall it was a great experience and a lot of fun to be part of.'

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