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  1. GROK - English

    GROK - English

    GROK is a set of 20 relationship games and exercises designed to help us listen deeply to each other's values, needs, wishes, hopes and dreams; and to listen to oneself for clarity and self-connection. These games are fun, engaging, and educational; with no ‘winners and losers’. Let op: dit is de Engelstalige GROK. Voor de Nederlandstalige GROK klik hier 

    € 42,95

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  2. Max the tomcat

    Max the tomcat

    Bird, mouse and chipmunk are trying to reach their homes in the tree. Max the tomcat is hungry and will try to catch them! Together, the players take care of the little creatures.
    € 25,00

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  3. The Secret Door

    The Secret Door

    Last night the thieves searched the house. They took three valuables and hid them behind the secret door. At midnight they will return to collect their booty. We are a detective team, assigned to prevent the theft! We will try to find out what valuables the thieves want to steal. If we succeed before the clock strikes 12, we can outsmarten the thieves. THE SECRET DOOR is an exciting memory game. It is important to know which valuables are where. The children help each other to remember what they have discovered.
    € 25,00

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