These games are available in English/ German/ French. You can order them here and pay with international banktransfer. We will ship your order after we have received your payment. If you have questions, please contact Much more games will follow soon!

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  1. Nisyros


    The volcano on the Greek island Nisyros is waking up! Several big eruptions will completely cover the island with lava…. Co-operative strategy game. Ages 12+. For 2-4 players. 45-60 min
    € 33,00

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  2. GROK - English

    GROK - English

    Niet op voorraad GROK is a set of 20 relationship games and exercises designed to help us listen deeply to each other's values, needs, wishes, hopes and dreams; and to listen to oneself for clarity and self-connection. These games are fun, engaging, and educational; with no ‘winners and losers’. Let op: dit is de Engelstalige GROK. Voor de Nederlandstalige GROK klik hier 

    € 35,50

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